glass bodies 171 180


Look up in perfect silence at the intergalactic medium: dark matter, energy bundles, dust and gas scattered by the rocking and rolling of cosmic rays, stellar winds, gravitational fields. If you have the inclinations of a poet, you may be able to trace the flow of baryons in Zeus’s vomit. Sailing across the hydrogen and helium persisting from the fall of the Titans, we navigate various oceanic energy densities.
Our ship feeds on lapping thermal ocean waves, bulk kinetic space testosterone, cosmic ray beauty, magnetic devotion, and photonic energy.  That is what divides us from the brutes of the colonising empire, the jokes of the salesmen of the corporation, the plethora of advertising leer-seers and the marketeering agents. We space buccaneers bounce off the thin galaxy oscillating, scintillating at some indiscriminate speed across the shimmering kiloparsec distance. As I sit here at the intergalactic window and watch the cosmic microwave background, the far-infrared emission from dust, as I watch the starlight, I know every reflection bobs and ebbs toward the red, and I shift the ship’s cosmic gear to chase a thermodynamic nonequilibrium. Our efforts are not in vain, we like to think. In zero gravity flight, our candles burn all across, a hazy halo of fire. My love for Kyniska is undiminished. The ocean waves, the rain, and many earth days have lapped by and gone. We are still here. As the engine maintains a steady input of free energy from ultraviolet radiation emitted by naughty stars, there is a hefty contribution of kinetic energy from high velocity gas ejecta straight from supernovae’s mouths. I fight for a living, and anger is what drives me. I have been betrayed by comets and by aliens, by humans and by spacetime. A small telescope is not enough to chart my eroticosm. A black spot is upon me, I fret at the myriad ways we could shipwreck. Old songs waken from enclouded nebulae, tunes of death and defiance. Rich entanglements. Particle by particle, we are leaking freedom all over the multiverse. Stuck in my piratical ear, a tune most ominous and drear. Examining memory is the most critical skill for any Buccaneer hacking through space. Rare dreams beyond dreams. Empty space is hypnotic, a metaphysical hyperspace. The rare cosmos of our knowledge is routinely sucked back into the original jester’s bubble along with hydrogen, helium and the whole abundance of heavy elements in the interstellar medium: C, O, Mg, Si, and Fe. There is a declining function of distance from the Galactic Center, or God’s arsehole. The abundance of imperial and East India corporate twerps near the Sun (galactocentric radius R ≈ 8.5 kpc) being about half their foresaken abundance in the Galactic Center region. And of course, all is sucked back into the original jester’s bubble. That is what God is to me.

glass bodies 161 170

the corporation’s interrogator

aboard this keepsake ship, torn between death and life you stand naked before the Emperor’s Truth. your rebel assault has failed, Xin. that was your name, was it not? i have been instructed to break you, and to give you a new name. i may choose to throw you overboard into the zero kelvin unknown. the cosmic freeze may yet force your tighest door. trust me, your perceptions are false. as your interrogator, i have a right to your requiem. for your transgendery, you will be punished with chechen relish – but the empire is merciful, and the corporation is only interested in your likes and dislikes. we have great use for people such as yourself. you may yet choose to join our chase, and aboard this ship complete the revelation. here are your ghosts, a flurry of hunger-like illusions. to begin with, all the relations between your particles, and your emotional ancestry. we shall carry out the test for you to join the corporation’s workforce: you may yet ascend to pinnacles of salesmanship still unknown. you do want to become successful,  do you not? my understading is that that is what drives you. you no longer wish to be a servant. but why, I wonder… this choice of transgendery? it does not seem to harmonize with your goals. something other than yourself is what gets in the way of getting what you want. you do want to be accepted, to be liked even. to be worshipped, perhaps?


The conqueror worm has you. Suffocate me, or force me to imitate the bear. I find comfort in my bad luck with the dice, with love, with my miserly parents. There’s nothing that you can witty out of me with your creative multi-screen, I have built the damn things. I know every withering silicate memory in the cycle, there are no tricks left that you can play on me.

glass bodies 151 160

The spirit of Europa

Sunsets are blue on Ἄρης. Then Εὐρώπη
spouts bright water plumes, fountains
of ice from cracks in the shell, tidal
flexion from her daddy’s massive gravity field.

Ποσειδῶν has a dark cyclone, and bright
sister clouds, while Κρόνος sports
a shrinking superstorm spot. Hydrogen
nitride, not water. Oscillations, dissipating.

Jetting water 200 kilometers above its
surface, the icy moon probes the passing
space, while circling the castrating giant,
its silhouette squeezing past the bright light.

Astrophysical reflections on the broad-eyed
goddess from the perspective of a star-gazer.

She was the daughter of Agenor, a bull carried her
off into Crete to a cave on Mount Ida. And on her
disappearance from Earth, the Phœnicians

honoured her. She is a broad-faced Jovian moon. Some claim her sister Io is her
ancestor, a volcanic heifer, mythically hot.
Τηλέφασσα was her mother, herself daughter

of a sea-nymph, a soft cloud, a Nereid in the
sky. There are three thousand such daughters
in the sky; for every spring, river, sea, lake
pond, pasture, flower or cloud on mother Crete.

glass bodies 141 150

A soldier

A 500 km diameter moon of Saturn, covered in fresh, clean ice. It shines, it sparkles. I’ve trained my algorithm by assaying pure, and mixtures of dehumanized cells. As an assassin, I’ve been trained to detect specific signatures, estimate them from unknown samples. Consequently, I wasted my youth as a soldier on Enceladus, its surface temperature at noon – an average fucking extra-cold. Terrorism is a cancer, and I am a terrorist, formerly working for the Empire. Now I don’t fucking know what I am doing, anymore. Immune signatures from diverse cell types. B cells, CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, neutrophils, macrophages, dendritic cells, I’ve identified weaknesses in the rebels’ immune system. I’ve been a foot soldier in the Empire cancer immunotherapy, targeting infiltrating fractions of rebellious blood. Deconvolving their Oscar Wildish subversion from apparently innocuous computational algorithms, I have frozen my butt off watching whiffs of molecular hydrogen fly off into space and joining the rings of Saturn. I’ve selected markers in space positively correlated with tumour purity, overlapping the rebels’ signature. An ingrate job. It was Earth evening when I arrived. The linearity of the plume in the sky watched me with an intensity of a fly-by as I disembarked the space-craft. The hamlet lay deep in the ice shell. The global ocean of Encelandus babbled, a lurking variable underneath. Gravitational capture of nebular gas was nil because of low gravity, yet nothing was to be seen of Castle Mount. Deep down, large hydrothermal vents, processing the rock core by tidal dissipation drove molecular hydrogen upwards and outwards: mist and brilliance surrounded me, and a blinding dazzle of light prevented my eyes from seeing where the castle lay. I stood on the path leading to the hamlet for what seemed Earth ages, and I looked up at my blindness, seeing the void, and its implications.

glass bodies 131 140

Mother Superior

The work of a commercial propagandist revolves around giving rewards based on deep-seated wishes or fears. At this junction in time-space, the commercial, the political and behavioural psychologist have merged into one. The Emperor’s whims are cross-linked, liquified, diluted, recorded in the Twittering-Yahoo machine and broadcast across the multi-verse. The commericial propagandist aims at maximizing the drinking of each member of the UBER-populace. The niche markets are GPS-located, locked in and targeted for assimilation by the persuation units which go, ironically, by the name of Cherry Blossoms. One such unit, a team composed of four individuals, is at our door, ready for chemical, ionic, philosophical and psychological warfare.
Sisters, our job is to resist the pseudopods, continue regulating our osmotic pressure and meet every propagandist pH challenge by direct uptake or efflux of proton-truths. A major strategy for propaganda resistance and Truth-pH homeostasis is the use of transporters that catalyse active proton-truth transport. These transporters across our nunnery cell wall include primary proton-truth pumps, such as proton-pumping respiratory chain complexes which we routinely use for spiritual meditation. Also, we can use proton-coupled ATP-ases to actively energize active proton-truth uptake in exchange for external cation-lies such as the Emperor’s Naff+ or Key+ Twits. Sisters, we can produce energy and resist the propagandist acid challenge, all at the same time. If we work our osmolarity pumps well, the propagandists outside could fill with excess water, and, eventually, burst. That is our aim. We must resist the Empire’s attempt at suasion, control of the tonicity of our surronding spiritual waters. There is a scientific, as well as spiritual way out of this, sisters. But we must stand together and resist their commercial-political pinocytosis. Now I know that the appetite for distractions of the average woman and man at any point in time is almost boundless. You must know that they will bombard you with distractions, use them to gauge the barometer of your feelings, identify a key issue, and then strike a choride channel in spite of all the extreme acidic resistance tools we might have assembled. Do not allow for matters to arrive at this stage, for if your will is hydrolized by their distractions, there might never be a way to gather your integrity again, and you shall become food for their Thought. Do not let yourselves down, sisters, this is a battle for your survival, for our survivial as a collective. Truth and Beauty, in commerce, politics and in behavioural psychology – in spite of John Keats – are not one and the same. Remember that. In the 70th year of our Ford, Americanism and Fordism are not longer the essential threat to our well being.  Post-Fordism, aggression by salesmanship, perception-manipulation are all tools of various trades. For the pleasure of the imperial court, they will attempt control by reinforcement of desirable behaviour by rewards. For the besiegers outside our walls, fortune, fame and glory are for closers only. They will stop at nothing. And they will close, if we do not burst their ionic lies first.

glass bodies 121 130

Big Sean
We are all assembled here before this monastery to put the old half-truths on siege. Between yours truly, Mr Lancashire, Dr Onegin, and you, young Cao Mei Zu – we should be able to provide service to the Emperor and gain a buck or two in the process. As you know, we have been ordered by the Admiral to rout the rebels; their enterprise has been gaining momentum in various pockets of the multi-verse. We must put an end to it.
Mr Lancashire (ironic)
We trust you, Big Sean. You are our shining light.
Cao Mei Zu
Just don’t give me any orders that I might dislike. And do not call me Miss Strawberry again. But, you are the leader, leader, leader, mon cher. And I idolize you.
Dr Onegin
You are so amusing, and so handsome. How can we go wrong? I know the Emperor’s not to everyone’s liking… but if one spends just one night drinking with you – one becomes the most hardened loyalist the world has every seen. Just let me do my calculations, and it will all be done in a jiffy.
Big Sean
Enough. Our work begins now.

glass bodies 111 120

Carrero Blanco, Imperial Admiral

My name is my Excellency, Admiral Javier Carrero Blanco, Chief Operative Officer of Naval Intelligence and Rerouting of God’s Networks, Principal Information Gatherer under the rule of His Most Sublime Excellency His Majesty Emperor-Kernel John Milton Chivington, Developer of Futures, First Minister of Methodical Scalping, and Supreme Liberator of all living beings in this, and any other Multi-Verse.
The young dapper Emperor, in his most blessed days of blond-hood, has appointed me to oversee the flow of information between his subjects, the infinite screens in this multiverse, and, most notably, the other sycophants in his court. There’s Mr Spicey, the Confounder in Chief, his work relies in building reliable clouds of pseudo-knowledge, which people need to navigate in order to drink the Emperor’s Truth. There is Mr Millstone, grinding every bit of information through gristmills of denial, and of course he is the Chief Minister for Evidence-Checking. We are many, but our job is one. To alter the abundance of little truths, so that the expansion of the Empire may find its way across the Multi-Verse. My job is to accumulate people, extract information, join potentiates, exploit compromised senior figures, vilify depressives (and in so doing, avoid my own guilt-trips, and my past). I once was alone in the dark, and I fought my way to the top of the pack. Now is the time when my dark, conflictual, ETA-ridden, Mexican-haunted, Indian-plagued discontent has been made glorious by this sun of Penmynydd, descendant of Owain Tudur, and New-York real estate.

glass bodies 101 110

Narrator, one foot away from Nostromo:

what do they have in common?

Xin, a slave worker on an unnamed off-world colony,
a nameless soldier-terrorist in a castle on a mysterious planet,
a nun in a crowded monastery on a ravaged planet,
a rubbish collector on a dirty planet,
a day-dreaming astronomer on Europa,
an engineer, former war refugee on Europa,
a zen master on a Taoist planet,
an ecology student in roaming, free space,
the spirit of Europa, Jupiter’s satellite, and her volcanic sister Io,

Kyniska and Arion, space buccaneers…

Friend. If sailor tales to sailor tunes… quoting from Billy Bones:

“Th’ expense of spirit in a waste of shame
Is lust in action; and till action, lust
Is perjured, murd’rous, bloody, full of blame,
Savage, extreme, rude, cruel, not to trust,
Enjoyed no sooner but despisèd straight,
Past reason hunted; and, no sooner had
Past reason hated as a swallowed bait
On purpose laid to make the taker mad;
Mad in pursuit and in possession so,
Had, having, and in quest to have, extreme;
A bliss in proof and proved, a very woe;
Before, a joy proposed; behind, a dream.
All this the world well knows; yet none knows well
To shun the heaven that leads men to this hell.”

glass bodies 91 100


“Some astronomers believe that the Veil nebula represents two supernova remnants interacting with each other. That’s how I would describe my relationship with Arion. As a little girl, I was taught about Alexander, his cities spread across the body of Assuwa. In Alexandrian prose, Pseudo-Erathosthenes re-told the mythic origins of stars and constellations. Such overwhelming amounts of information are difficult to sift through, though. In my intellectual circles, such mythical wanking and signal processing can yield a sparse representation: Apollo is not Helios, but he did bless the constellation Delphinus. My own boy-friend was saved by a son of Poseidon, as told by Lucian of Samosata. I fell in love with the pirate in him, in spite of his sins at Cape Tainaron. His lying kithara called a tune for Apollo, and before he could die in the boundless ocean of space, he was rescued by a dolphin. Once safe, he slay his own saviour from neglect. Arion is a rogue, and a liar, and will say anything to save his skin. And that’s why I love him.”


“My girl-friend is a posturing, pompous, spoilt brat from an ancient noble family from planet Anglesey. I’ve desiccated their fortunes through her grace, and she has paid many a visit to my bed-chamber. I’m no rich man, no lord; not a farthing my father had. I bless myself three times every morning, she’s made my fortune. The Holy Grail of my life is the dictionaries in her mind, every elementary waveform is accounted for. The decisive factor in her winning my favour is her bravery and virtue. She’s a rascal, too. She has abandoned her Griffenese castle, her Laconian ways to follow me on my buccaneering days. Those are over now, and the Penmynydd empire is persecuting me, her, and my kind. They have turned on their very princess-daughter, disgraced her because she dared follow me. How ironic, now, for all imperialists that I made this my farewell, for I shan’t let her go:

A wanderer I, and aweary of strife,
Get ye gone, if ye so desire;
But if I may not have my own wife
I’ll have my own bed, my own house, my own fire!”

glass bodies 81 90

the spirit of Europa

I am a woman of pride. What I do, is pleasure-writing.
I don’t assign much to the wastepaper basket, much to the chagrin of my peers.
My feelings for him are the opposite of piracy-driven economics, they do not trickle down.
I do not define myself by sieging what’s left of masculinity this side of Europa.
Our ocean, dividing us, may have an earth-like chemical balance.
If my words are roots in the ground, our enemies seep through like soil fools.
I wish I had Cathy’s gift for possession, but I am not a haunting ghost in the wily, windy moors.
He had the skill to warp the mind and wield it against the vulgar will.
Nor could all the false and fatal zeal of the converts bring him down, new among the heavenly.
But I do now roam on the deep, salty liquid ocean behind this icy shell.
My Jovian moon has the raw and chemical energy in the right proportions.
He was one who through this middle earth should pass alone. And how he died.
He was sinduced by chemical reactions far deeper than Europa’s seafloor.
He was not my dream, nor I his master.
In another time, he was the oxygen and along with other oxidants he flowed from the surface,
for Europa is bathed in radiation from Jupiter.
Split ice molecules driven down into a cycle, we seek redemption.
My sister, Europa’s rocky neighbouring moon
is the most volcanically active woman in the solar system.
We are torn apart by the heat produced by all the stretching and squeezing effect of my father’s gravity.
My hydrothermal vents, my chaos terrain have no bearing on the eternal.
My geo-logical activity defies reason. Soon, I had to bury him.
My true father was Agenor, but I was abducted by Jupiter. He is such a bully.
My son is the bull-king. Many additional moons are scattered across the two-faced axe harbour.
The white lilies bear witness. My daughters spread as far as the land of ’Rus.
Until the next night, then; I shall return to this solar system,
hence many of my flower-daughters shall sing my name in the wind.

The amount of flexing of my ocean is an important indicator of my father’s muscles.
My love is cycled between the surface and the interior, and my tides are
hidden by the reddish material on the surface.
My magnetic signature is upon you, mortal.

The discovery of me and my sisters may be the only Medicean truth you can glimpse in this life. No, no; it won’t last forever. Your eyes speak to me, only.
Be warned.