Remember, Circular Arguments : Chapter I ; 1-7


Circular Arguments between a Holy Cat and an Ancient God

“Doing good to others is not a duty. It is a joy, for it increases your own health and happiness. I will be mindful of the truth, so long as I shall be able.
Mayest thou grant me the truth, tell me the best to be done.” Avesta


Dramatis personae

Chubby, the cat

Ahura Mazda, the Persian God


Chapter I: What do a cat and a Persian God have in common ?

C : Listen. I say.

A : Wot.

C : I am a virtuous cat, and I have holyness about my paws. I am here to discuss the Truth.

A : I believe you. ‘ I speak the Truth, or not at all. ‘

C : So, by way of introduction , you present yourself as a sun-dial. How charming.

A : Nay, I am the SUN. I shone in the land of Persia, for the benefit of all sentient beings.

C : Uh-uh. Why, myself I am a cold-blooded feline. I love to sniff out mice while I sing of
golden showers across the solar system. Poetry and Justice are the same thing, I will
have you know.