Remember, Circular Arguments : Chapter V : 1-19

Zarathustra misrepresented

C : ‘I love him whose soul is deep as he is wounded, and whom a trifle can destroy. He is glad to cross the bridge.’

A : ‘ My Kingdom is attained by righteousness. Let not any man seek to please the many liars for they make all the Righteous foes to me.’

C : ‘Oh, come off it.’

A : ‘I am in the eternal struggle with the Evil spirit, I shall have you know.’

C : ‘I am in the eternal struggle to get my daily portion of good food.’

A : ‘Of course you mean the spiritual food to combat Bad Thought, the Lie and the Pride.’

C : ‘I mean my tuna fish. The perennial conflict between reason and intuition of the matter, that’s null and void. And so is mysticism.’

A : ‘What of the ground of ultimate reality?’

C :’That’s well after the last bus stop, and I do not take public transport. Cats don’t leg it, either. Your friend Wagner claimed the function of the artist is to bring the unconscious to the conscious by symbols.’

A : ‘I doubt he used those very words. They probably had not been invented. Like you, for example, you’re a cat yet to be invented. From what I understand, you claim Egyptian ancestry.’

C : ‘My true name is Bastet, and I was never made to wander. I may just patrol my neighbourhood when I feel like it. Take a shit here and there. I have many names, and I cause others to wonder. I cause others to wander.’

A : Vedic, Avestam, Mycenean generally absent. Given Proto Indo-European Truth found in Sanskrit and later Greek, we assume a connection. Who did you cause to wander, perhaps an endlessly cunning man?’

C : ‘ v’hotzeiti, v’hitzalti, v’ga’alti, v’lakahti. Those took out, rescued, redeemed and taken to God, the One.’

A : ‘What is Evil, then, in such circumstances?’

C : ‘How can God the One murder the innocent? Why take the lives of children? ‘

A : ‘After his death, my prophet Zoroaster saw his work undone. He taken out many words and symbols, many animals and legends from the lost context. His religion was immaterial, impermanent, based on meditation, fasting and understanding the unconscious. His followers could not relate to the Understanding, so they made a tale, a narrative out of Knowledge. Knowledge is passed on. Understanding cannot possibly be passed on. It is non-verbal.’

C : ‘After Zoroaster, Siddharta, the prophets of monotheism, the symbols were back in.’

A : ‘Moses…’

C : ‘All these chaps had vision, or just hallucinate?’

A : ‘My prophet is better than yours, kitty cat.’