NeverEnder Space Epic Poem – Book III – Chapter III: XVIII – XXIII.


Enter Dolos. D “I am not just making copies, I sell
the Truth, or not at all. I am a spirit of the evening.
I deal in information, extracting sunbeams out of
cucumbers, straight out of the University of Laputa.

Believe you me, things are predetermined. The illusion
of history is a grand illusion. My master Prometheus
taught me the tricks of the trade. Where there is fire,
… there’s a lot of smoke. What doesn’t kill you, makes”


“you a liar. So Perseus is secretely plotting to kill,
to see the real version of himself. He must have
run out of clay. His friend in polyamory knows better.”

Enter Gorgon, deep in confusion and despair.
G “My schizo mind goes faster, and faster.
Let time slide on. What do I do with this lump
of meat [ holds a severed, bleeding penis ] ?”


“Is it evening, now? So soon? The clouds have
not parted ways. My ego fades at the sight of
interior doom. I have castrated Perseus, the liar.
He tried to kill me, the fool. I have seen worse

in my stub of life. I am amazed at the similarity
between the man I loved and this deceitful monster.
[ sees the spirit of guile ] Dolos, what are you doing here?”
D “Nothing, my friend, I am just painting a picture of”


“the moon in a garden run by the slow burning energy
of Numinous Selene, her wavy kisses and crafty spells.”
G “I fantasized about a youth – languid-eyed and loving.
This forest is haunted. Athena cast me aside. Poisedon

raped me. I summoned my wits. I embraced a hero.
This is my reward [ shows the penis to Delos ].
I entered this wood alone. Alone, I must proceed.
Delos, tell me the truth. Are wild animals sleeping now?”


“What am I to do with this bled-out piece of truth?
My eyes are straying, my hands tremble. Some god
of affliction has given me this night to grieve. When
remedy is exhausted, so is grief. I am deathless.”

D “I myself have lost all friends. I have been banned
by all the band of brothers that I used to associate with.
It is so late now, we are all beyond redemption, just
waiting for Nemesis to pluck snakes from our poisoned”


“breasts. I wonder where we’ll be tomorrow. This century
holds true to my work. Trees face long-time tremors.”
G “I will challenge you, Dolos. You are here to trick
me, just as Perseus did. I can see through you.

You are trying to get something from me. But what is it?
Power? Money? Pussy? Predestination? I fear I cannot
tolerate another man’s skullfuckery. I have decided to
turn against all of the male kingdom. Slime-moulds beware.”