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“Some astronomers believe that the Veil nebula represents two supernova remnants interacting with each other. That’s how I would describe my relationship with Arion. As a little girl, I was taught about Alexander, his cities spread across the body of Assuwa. In Alexandrian prose, Pseudo-Erathosthenes re-told the mythic origins of stars and constellations. Such overwhelming amounts of information are difficult to sift through, though. In my intellectual circles, such mythical wanking and signal processing can yield a sparse representation: Apollo is not Helios, but he did bless the constellation Delphinus. My own boy-friend was saved by a son of Poseidon, as told by Lucian of Samosata. I fell in love with the pirate in him, in spite of his sins at Cape Tainaron. His lying kithara called a tune for Apollo, and before he could die in the boundless ocean of space, he was rescued by a dolphin. Once safe, he slay his own saviour from neglect. Arion is a rogue, and a liar, and will say anything to save his skin. And that’s why I love him.”


“My girl-friend is a posturing, pompous, spoilt brat from an ancient noble family from planet Anglesey. I’ve desiccated their fortunes through her grace, and she has paid many a visit to my bed-chamber. I’m no rich man, no lord; not a farthing my father had. I bless myself three times every morning, she’s made my fortune. The Holy Grail of my life is the dictionaries in her mind, every elementary waveform is accounted for. The decisive factor in her winning my favour is her bravery and virtue. She’s a rascal, too. She has abandoned her Griffenese castle, her Laconian ways to follow me on my buccaneering days. Those are over now, and the Penmynydd empire is persecuting me, her, and my kind. They have turned on their very princess-daughter, disgraced her because she dared follow me. How ironic, now, for all imperialists that I made this my farewell, for I shan’t let her go:

A wanderer I, and aweary of strife,
Get ye gone, if ye so desire;
But if I may not have my own wife
I’ll have my own bed, my own house, my own fire!”