glass bodies 121 130

Big Sean
We are all assembled here before this monastery to put the old half-truths on siege. Between yours truly, Mr Lancashire, Dr Onegin, and you, young Cao Mei Zu – we should be able to provide service to the Emperor and gain a buck or two in the process. As you know, we have been ordered by the Admiral to rout the rebels; their enterprise has been gaining momentum in various pockets of the multi-verse. We must put an end to it.
Mr Lancashire (ironic)
We trust you, Big Sean. You are our shining light.
Cao Mei Zu
Just don’t give me any orders that I might dislike. And do not call me Miss Strawberry again. But, you are the leader, leader, leader, mon cher. And I idolize you.
Dr Onegin
You are so amusing, and so handsome. How can we go wrong? I know the Emperor’s not to everyone’s liking… but if one spends just one night drinking with you – one becomes the most hardened loyalist the world has every seen. Just let me do my calculations, and it will all be done in a jiffy.
Big Sean
Enough. Our work begins now.