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Mother Superior

The work of a commercial propagandist revolves around giving rewards based on deep-seated wishes or fears. At this junction in time-space, the commercial, the political and behavioural psychologist have merged into one. The Emperor’s whims are cross-linked, liquified, diluted, recorded in the Twittering-Yahoo machine and broadcast across the multi-verse. The commericial propagandist aims at maximizing the drinking of each member of the UBER-populace. The niche markets are GPS-located, locked in and targeted for assimilation by the persuation units which go, ironically, by the name of Cherry Blossoms. One such unit, a team composed of four individuals, is at our door, ready for chemical, ionic, philosophical and psychological warfare.
Sisters, our job is to resist the pseudopods, continue regulating our osmotic pressure and meet every propagandist pH challenge by direct uptake or efflux of proton-truths. A major strategy for propaganda resistance and Truth-pH homeostasis is the use of transporters that catalyse active proton-truth transport. These transporters across our nunnery cell wall include primary proton-truth pumps, such as proton-pumping respiratory chain complexes which we routinely use for spiritual meditation. Also, we can use proton-coupled ATP-ases to actively energize active proton-truth uptake in exchange for external cation-lies such as the Emperor’s Naff+ or Key+ Twits. Sisters, we can produce energy and resist the propagandist acid challenge, all at the same time. If we work our osmolarity pumps well, the propagandists outside could fill with excess water, and, eventually, burst. That is our aim. We must resist the Empire’s attempt at suasion, control of the tonicity of our surronding spiritual waters. There is a scientific, as well as spiritual way out of this, sisters. But we must stand together and resist their commercial-political pinocytosis. Now I know that the appetite for distractions of the average woman and man at any point in time is almost boundless. You must know that they will bombard you with distractions, use them to gauge the barometer of your feelings, identify a key issue, and then strike a choride channel in spite of all the extreme acidic resistance tools we might have assembled. Do not allow for matters to arrive at this stage, for if your will is hydrolized by their distractions, there might never be a way to gather your integrity again, and you shall become food for their Thought. Do not let yourselves down, sisters, this is a battle for your survival, for our survivial as a collective. Truth and Beauty, in commerce, politics and in behavioural psychology – in spite of John Keats – are not one and the same. Remember that. In the 70th year of our Ford, Americanism and Fordism are not longer the essential threat to our well being. ¬†Post-Fordism, aggression by salesmanship, perception-manipulation are all tools of various trades. For the pleasure of the imperial court, they will attempt control by reinforcement of desirable behaviour by rewards. For the besiegers outside our walls, fortune, fame and glory are for closers only. They will stop at nothing. And they will close, if we do not burst their ionic lies first.