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Carrero Blanco, Imperial Admiral

My name is my Excellency, Admiral Javier Carrero Blanco, Chief Operative Officer of Naval Intelligence and Rerouting of God’s Networks, Principal Information Gatherer under the rule of His Most Sublime Excellency His Majesty Emperor-Kernel John Milton Chivington, Developer of Futures, First Minister of Methodical Scalping, and Supreme Liberator of all living beings in this, and any other Multi-Verse.
The young dapper Emperor, in his most blessed days of blond-hood, has appointed me to oversee the flow of information between his subjects, the infinite screens in this multiverse, and, most notably, the other sycophants in his court. There’s Mr Spicey, the Confounder in Chief, his work relies in building reliable clouds of pseudo-knowledge, which people need to navigate in order to drink the Emperor’s Truth. There is Mr Millstone, grinding every bit of information through gristmills of denial, and of course he is the Chief Minister for Evidence-Checking. We are many, but our job is one. To alter the abundance of little truths, so that the expansion of the Empire may find its way across the Multi-Verse. My job is to accumulate people, extract information, join potentiates, exploit compromised senior figures, vilify depressives (and in so doing, avoid my own guilt-trips, and my past). I once was alone in the dark, and I fought my way to the top of the pack. Now is the time when my dark, conflictual, ETA-ridden, Mexican-haunted, Indian-plagued discontent has been made glorious by this sun of Penmynydd, descendant of Owain Tudur, and New-York real estate.