glass bodies 291 300

silence a thousand voices in unison fire

the fall

striking solaris with crushing might

kyniska dreams entomb’d

soldiers at dawn in chase full battle array

the heart’s dearest wish self destruction

a blackhole-size cosmic galleon bobs up in the skies

wild with lights and cosmic bolt

restlessly kyniska hurts in permanent sleep

god and the prophet the living dead have sailed in

down and across crimson cloud an array of albatrosses

peddling lies for a safe passage arion flees

there was a wedding

kyniska sees the curvature of her broken dream

there is a pathogenic disease out there – the nun has methods

to resist

the undead crew thomas-mann-ing the frigate flying dutch over the whale’s way

shield shuck fighters sabre-wishing shoregunners coming ashore

rebel battle back along sea-paths sea-cliffs riddled across the shingled shore

the dauntless angel-xin commands in joyful ire she sings the songs i’ve picked for the

tarantula kyniska hurts to love you as assaulted by the praying mantis

the relentless hexapod soldiers walked with you once upon a dream

visions are seldom what the place for the dead for ever more

without eros sea-faring ships shell the land a white plague comes

with flames streaking red-shifted sea and sand sheepshank fighters

solaris is done trespassing on the beyond

the undead soldiers take the place as they find it

in the process of extinction they fight aimlessly restlessly

voluntarily embracing the good life cracking bones and head

swinging rebels and reverie across the sheer cliff flung

sea-storming limb-naked soaring pelting bullets boring through

their finely attuned war-cry sherrying under shells

shilly-shallying while gunfire shills

the shrieks of shrill rebels shright shrieks

blundering blasts shift the damned

shilpit swifter fighters a shim of life

remains brief candles shimmer

damned to journey eternally from wedding

to wedding kyniska dreams of her own infection

shock of death on a shoestring the ship split in half

waders are shot the shots sting

the stars glisten

shed blood in the waters

waves slink in silence

a blink

headlong the wolves on the buffalo go

the exhausted capitalist self immolation

too dead to live groaning shivering

kyniska sees herself begging

her ghost wants to come in the tomb

let me in

a survivor is undead

xin commands the self-explotation

captain of the capitalist black hole

spreading the infection from city to city

from marsh on solaris

to everyone’s baryon

the burnout crew on an adrenaline thrill

have disbanded the rebels

captured kyniska

burnt out the field

slaughter’s the heart’s dearest wish

god and the prophet kyniska is unsure

what to believe

corinth on siege has bent backwards

turn the wheel reader turn