glass bodies 260 271

“I pray every day in this major sink, you fairest creatures,
that the ancient Giants may stay soundly asleep. Your lusty
days are numbered, halophytic plants feed on your light-flames.”

Foe or friend, the marsh holds grip on the twelve rebel-aliens,
immigrants to this planet, roaming, still hoping crystalline-eyed.
Half a local, Wyrd sprung from salt and from a cow’s tongue,
symbiotic with metalloid winters and potential consequences.

Soft, syrupy waters; the stench of adaptive response bogs.
Deep trenches in the field of beauty. Broken stones of marble,
bending back from a past where a civilization existed here. In the
hot steamy air, a splutter of arthropods, busy with gaudy spring.

The formerly superior formerly mother nun plods forth laden
with indecision and forgetfulness. The leeches murmur at her slow
skin, acne butters her face and arms. She is helplessly itchy sore,
angry but has forgotten why. Her heart misses a step then quietens,
a throb of contemplation relaxes into a meditative stroll.

Wyrd leads the way in this scarcely existing planet where the
rebel aliens have sky-crashed, bruised on land and friendless water.

“Many winters, creepers. That [he points to the ruins] is the work
of Giants. We tender heirs might bear their memory, chuckle.”

the hollowed out Gothic architecture is a carcass sunk in the jungle
around like a begging ship

“We needs others to satisfy our rebel fantasies, do we not?” It mocks
them, intellectually. They are stoned dry in a haze of contaminated
shame, all east due toward biophysical catastrophes. Wyrd’s tongue
occasionally clicks with gusto. His theatrics are lost on them. One
by one, they have been picked off by fantasy and despair. Reactive
oxygen species lead them to have no remembrance of what was,
what could be or will be. The missing aspects of future studies are
the gap where the heroes of this story have fallen into. What
random text can be reassembled from the Archive of Myth lost

“We shall seek to regroup in laboratory studies and manna dew
will fall, we will make sweet flowers distilled from this air. We’ll
storm out of this planet like glass clouds full of thunder, filled with
ice vehicles and rain forbidden usury on the empire’s summer.”

“We have a mission.” He laughs.

“We should seek shelter and food, forget this salt marsh nonsense.”

Kyniska nods, but she falls asleep, her eyes still of crystal.

The soldier wanders off, much like the long-lost Taoist before he
disappeared in his mind’s eye. Microbial activities in the walls
of water around them, Arion recalls the poisoning of their souls
which was perpetrated on them by what they thought was a
survivor of an earlier crash but had turned out to be an emissary
of the emperor, disguised as platinum beauty and influencer beast.
She had come to offer terms. But his warning against her had
fallen on deaf ears, so they had become liquid prisoners to this
energy sapping estuarine photosynthetic ambience, where, on them
photosystem II microtowers were heaping such murderous shame.