NeverEnder – Space Epic Poem / Book II / Chapter VI / XXVII – XXVIII


When Cicciotta first went to Luoyang,
she stepped with the left paw onto the
stone, and then turned left to meet the
statue of Anger. There, the monk sat on

a chair, and told her that success was
at 30% chance. Anger was to be the main
driving force of her future drifting on,
and that, if managed properly, could be


a good thing. He had learnt directly from
Lokaksema, who had come all the way
from Bactria to translate wisdomous texts.
Cicciotta is stuck in a loop within the past,

exploring musical and poetic variations
of earlier days. Meditation, backward
and recurrent on the same nodes of the
neural network. Feedback mechanisms.