NeverEnder Space Epic Poem / Book II / Chapter 5 / XLIII. – XLVI.


Ariadne and Desert Storm are interviewing
the painters. Domenikos Theotokopoulos,
Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, Tiziano
di Pieve di Cadore. The Archive of Myth is

soon to be decommissioned. It is generally
agreed that one cannot carry too many images
around for too long. Ariadne knows that her
mission is soon to end, but still she digs for


Truth and Beauty. Still, there is so little
secret left in each soul in this time of
computational soul-laundering. John C
has taken the form of a ghost, he enter

tains conversations with Cicciotta, who
is so very sorry that he had a thought about
becoming a tree, but then with all the
ecological star wars on planet Earth, and


the fact that there are no trees on Titan,
he just simply decided to give up on
reincarnation. In the zero point field,
Fortune Lobo sees misery greater than

his own. In the Burial of Count Orgaz,
he reflects on the spiritual exercise of
an overcrowded fusion of heavenhell.
John C’s restlessness is also shaken by


the grip of the senses, The 3rd of May
1808, that’s the image that he mirrors.
At the time of death, simple harmonic
motions deriving from the soul lead

our characters to become energy trapped
in paintings, or images within images.
Cicciotta is having tea with Ahura Mazda,
merciless and wonderful sexuality, meaow.