NeverEnder Space Epic Poem / Book II / Chapter V / I – IV

Chapter V


Life after death is like a broken
while loop with no increment. John C
is caught in a web of fading lights;
his spirit survives the body, but

a tangle of emotions is scattered
after the leap, and memories whizz
and fizz like haunted fables. Some
where in the 16th century the earl


of Canterville murdered his unfaith
ful wife. For that, he was ridiculed
relentlessly by a family of unbelieving
Yankees. But some times the very next

verse is nasty, and some times,
you’re just dead. After many a summer,
et cetera. The Lady of Ascalot docet.
Does your health insurer give you


fifty percent off monthly gym fees
at screwballmonsterous dot com? Mine
does. But what good is that after
death. Light (satyrical, starlit?)

is the only problem, when choosing
among the lesser lights for a possible
reincarnation to be attracted to. All
energy is dissipated entropically into


the great hypergalactic emptiness.
Tune in, and listen to the logos,
or perhaps the grand overarching
silence. It slides across the wabe

like a slithy tove, and a mimsy
borogrove. Even if it’s not time
for tea, the Jabberwock comes biting
John C’s collected waves (or unconscious)