Skittles, the goblin

I’ve lived in the caves so long, I don’t remember a time when it wasn’t dark. Sniff. My old friends were in the gloom with me, fishing and singing, fair and unfair. Sniff. We did not have enough food. So sometimes we used to come to the village to borrow the farmers’ crop. Yum. Sniff. The last time I stayed on. The farmers were so nice. I made new friends. The villagers love me. I work as everything. Bondager, castrator, cotter, ditcher, dry stone waller, granger, haybinder, hind, and especially jakes-farmer. They gave me my magic button, so they can always call me. It’s on my arm. The always laugh when I am around because they like me so much. Sniff. I remind them of the good times. Sniff. Come and have fun with me. Sniff.