A quantum of transcendence

If Socrates is right, and the soul is immortal
And intrinsically good, then a minimum of it
Is carried by the body at all times, no matter
The circumstance. The black body radiation

Of πνεῦμα can only change its energy
In a minimal increment proportional to
The frequency of its transcendental wave;
I oscillate between freedom and chain.

If Emily Brontë is right, and there is such a thing
As the dawn of the Invisible, the Unseen Truth,
Only when the outward senses in electron-like
Spin perfectly align in angular momentum,
Only then my inward essence will feel.

Almost free, I wait for that constant Dream.

1 thought on “A quantum of transcendence

  1. Everyone live in a soul that exceeds the self and search for others, siblings beloved because we are connected by subterraneal or aerial branches and beautiful nature. We feel us as soul in another precious amphora Only for fluid souls exist ths solid matter. But the Poison exists. We still search for our Father.

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