dream interpreter – Part 1: 97-99


Suddenly, the earth shakes with deep
intensely-fragranced methane fire gases.
The sharp, prolonged fart of Zeus lying
prostrate, angrily reaches the city of apple

And in the misty dungeons asphyxia soars
carrying all the voices of buried hardship.
The adventurers see further visions, and
all the while from the cracked chasm…


… a lava place rises like vomit in the throat,
then a momentary pause, then another
earthly flatulation, Apollo gives us his
thoughts, and from the sea beyond the

Never-ending steppe, venereal waves
carry the semen of the Gods. So, a long
retreat, then a hurricane hurls unto the
Castle, propelling on a tsunami of bodies.


In the dungeons, the illusion-confounded
adventurers are teleported from the end
of the steppe or the underground memories
under the city of apples to the island of

The Castle, on to the cradle of civilisation
now contested by two warring factions.
Zeus lets out one last, lingering poisonous
ripple-wet fart, and then sleep comes over.