dream interpreter – Part 1: 92-93


In these tunnels I have found reminders
Of my own inadequate guilt. I am half a
man, I am not a boy, not yet a child.
I am the egg that holds the key, and

I wish that you’d forgive me, pity. For
my sins are all powerful, and they haunt
me, and in these tunnels I see visions
of what could have been. My love for Her:


Dream-eater is ever-growing. I see: she is
is herself ever-growing ever lustshameful,
a monster of her own accord, and my own
monstrousity I can no longer keep inside.

No longer can I keep the secret of my half
ghoulish werewolf nature; I wish to devour
the flesh of my kin, and my love shall be
the end of friendship, of our brotherhood.