humming spheres

one: ‘old on.

too: Let me speak.

one: carry on, then.

too: Let me first begin with a list of things that you ought to consider.

one: ‘ang on. why should you speak first? […] are you some sort of wizard?

too: This is how it begins. You’re alone by the brook listening to a skylark.

one: a wo’…?

too: A sky-lark.

one: you’re balmy. goin’ on about a wo’…?

too: I am not a wizard. But I want you […] to listen carefully. See it – in your inner mind – you’re not listening.

one: i’m cross, that’s what i am. I — am annoyed. I’m furious. And you’re going on […]

too: That is forbidden. You can be cross, but no ennui, s’il te plait.

one: what’s that thing you said about a skylark? What’s a skylark?

too: That’s a bird. Singing soothing tunes into your seeping brains. Now.

one: I honestly think you should stop talking. My head ‘urts. And the frog-speak??

too: Hello? Are you there at all? If you’re hurting, look up at the skies.

one: I am hurting. Hang on, are you really a wizard? Can you help me? Why didn’t you let me speak?

too: Too late now, your time is up.

one: I’m cold. I thought you’d help me.

too: Then again, you are not cold anymore, are you?

one: Yes, I bloody am.

too: Always quibbling, always were, always will.