glass bodies 1-10

Xin’s beginning in medias res

A thin fog was slowly sliding on the seashore, amidst the broken glass, a miniature desert of colourful marvels. The factory workers, lined up in the cold, had been imported  for the purpose of building multiversal screens. The effort on this planet was not so much colonization, but exploitation of resources, as it was uniquely rich of liquid sands. There was no use in importing people for permanent relocation; everything worked in cycles.

Xin had been selected for her build, and while transgendery was tolerated in off world factories, it was banned on earth. Building multiverse screens required a high level of skill and physical strength, as well as a measure of creativity. She was insecure because of her teeth, slightly protruding from her jaw, and because she lacked an education. Yet she was determined to make it in the galaxy.