NeverEnder Space Epic Poem – Book III – Chapter II: XLVI- L


Desert Storm reads, Ariadne digs, archives and dreams;
John C explores, Fortune Lobo ponders, Cicciotta
Copies. Monkey makes busybees-ness. Tierra Madre
Wants to enjoy herself, but ends up doing nothing.

The Spartan wants to beat someone up, and jerks
Off in the meantime. So much steam. The black
Hole lulls them into a gentle sleep, gently rocking
Away, unaware of time futurepastpresent. Rari


Nantes in gurgite vasto. In the black hole, everything
Is simultaneously true, and they get to face their 
Fears, dark thoughts and dead ends. Hell is one's
Everyday. Samsara on the toilet, on the way to work.

An illusion like any other, the black hole spins them
Into consciousness-motion, where reality is one 
Day on the planet Solaris. Tierra madre, ship-wrecked
On the shores of Lybia, faces the issue of abandonment.


Can that truly be separared from betrayal? Desert Storm
Wants to be loved, retraces her childhood on a board
Of chess. "If I castle, I might build a fence against the
Mighty multiverse." They witness a play, spouted by the

Black hole, trickster that he is. Look: a mischievious spell.
G "It was not meant that we should voyage this far, Perseus."
P "The lies of history have not captured us, my love. In the
Underworld we have met and we have fallen for each other."


G "Instead of turning you to stone, I have spared you my wrath,
You are not like the other men." P "Gorgon, you have conquered
My heart, I surrendered to your wisdom. It is true that your
Appearance wants in perfection, so to speak. Yet as we age

The serpent skin moults, and my hero's grin falters. I want
To devote myself to you, and yet we are unhappy in this
Underworld." G "As you well know, Perseus, you are no hero.
Killing people, lying and receiving undeserved gifts from


The Gods is not a hero's feat. And the question of your
Birth is still up for debate. I do not love you for what you are.
I love you for what you could be. The better part of you
Has spared me, even if you had come to my home to

Slay me. You have loved and betrayed a thousand maids.
Athena is my witness. Today, 'tis true, you want my heart, 
Tomorrow you might want my head. Now until the light
Comes back to this underworld, I shall not trust you."