NeverEnder – Space Epic Poem / BOOK III / Chapter I / XLI – XLII


Sensual mon-stars of space, yonder;
colossal statues in the galazy, Zeus
resting on planet Knossos, his eye
lit with a strange desire. Starboard,

the slave-whalers carry their galley in
the war, shouting battle-cries in Tierra’s
ears; then she winces. Goddess-obsessed
Desert mutters prayers in the cosmic wind.


Ariadne thinks it’s really cool to study the
origin of the universe from fracto-fragments.
John C and his pal embark on a wuthering
ship, they join the glorious Spartan Navy.

“Join us! Demo-crazy! Just-jizz!
Boredom! Freakquality! It’s us, we’ve
come home! Let us have your soul!
The navy on the black uni-versal waves!”