NeverEnder – Space Epic Poem / BOOK III / Chapter I / XXIII – XXIX


Under the laws of the gaseous uni-verse in
motion, every star-slither and rocked-water,
all quintessential evil and scattered word
co-exist as heart-felt idiocies of ahead-days.

In compiling the shreds and shrapnels of
all that is left of the archive of Myth, Ariadne
picks fragments from the great dark uni
verse, floating in eternal oblivion; marbles


Odd ends of sentences, moisac pieces
give clues of an earlier, perhaps timeless
civilization, yet she struggles to reconstruct
a coherent language and customs from

hints of burial, cosmetic, ideological rituals
an archaelogist of space-travel, she finds
solace in mechanically testing the match
of hubris-laden stone and glass tesserae.


Truths are being tested aesthetically
against the glare of remote stars, so
bright at the scrutiny of a microscope.
Fractals accumulate in her methodical
mind, as she attempts to calm herself.

She is no longer alone, as two creatures
have popped into existence after she
started to self-medicate with stardust.
Voicemail is a devious lizard, eyes open.


His counterpart Elecro is a miniature
frog, always a bit dozy, sleepy-eyes.
The back of Elecro is always lit-up,
trillions of electronic messages are

being re-transmitted from his body,
while Voicemail accumulates words
that are lost in radio-space, and only
spits them out if you press his chest.


Ariadne seldom pays any attention
to them. She listens to melodies
lost in cytoplasmic space while
drawing connections in galatic,

mythical space. This moment
is shared by a note from a once
well-know artist, who learnt how
to communicate from beyond


space-time. Restlessly, Voicemail
is drawing patterns for embryonic
stem cell differentiation, folding
chromatin with tiny hands, as

candy for children of the future
to discover. Saturn looms heavy
in the sky above singular Titan,
where the Spartan has challenged


the once-gifted info-technician,
while the heart of the galaxy
grows triumphantly amoral.

Ariadne puts together two
asteroid bacterial colonies,
and suddenly, magical words
fall into place. A story. So